Dr. Divya Yada

Dr. Divya Yada
+91 9490456076
Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy Maisammaguda, Dhullapally, Secunderabad, 500100

Dr. Divya Yada, PhD

Associate Professor

To breathe innovations and work hard with honesty to attain, the core value of the concern and take it to greater heights. To improve and best utilize my skills in a good professional environment and to be in touch with the latest technologies. Also to become one of the best pharmaceutical professional in the industry.


Organization: Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy

Duration: October 2011 to till date

Designation: Associate Professor

Research Guidance:

UG Level: 1 B.Pharm project

PG Level : 2 M.Pharm projects one from Ph.analysis and one student from Pharmacology


  • Ph.D from Annamalai University
  • M.Pharmacy. from Annamalai University.
  • B.Pharmacy from JNTU, Hyderabad.


  • Synthesis and Antitumor Evaluation of Nitrovinyl Biphenyls: Anticancer Agents Based on Allocolchicines.ChemMedChem. Volume 6, Issue 4, April 4, 2011. Pages 859-868.
  • 2. Magnetically recoverable Pd/Fe3O4-Catalyzed Hiyama Cross-Coupling of Aryl bromides with Aryl siloxanes. A.Suresh kumar, Divya Yada, B. Sreedhar. SYNLETT 2011, No. 8, pp 1081–1084.
  • 3. CuFe2O4 nanoparticles: A magnetically recoverable and reusable catalyst the synthesis of 5-substituted-1H-tetrazoles. A.Suresh kumar, Divya Yada, B. Sreedhar. Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 52, Issue 28, 13 July 2011,Pages 3565-3569.


Technical Skills85%
Lecture Skill100%