Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)

Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)

Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy has established Institution’s Innovation Council in the campus as per the norms of the Innovation cell, Ministry of Educational, Government of India on 3rd February 2024.

“Our vision is to establish our pharmacy college as a dynamic hub of innovation, where ground breaking ideas flourish, transformative research thrives, and revolutionary practices redefine the future of pharmacy. Through collaboration, experimentation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to drive positive change in healthcare delivery, pharmaceutical sciences, and patient outcomes. By empowering our students, faculty, and industry partners to push the boundaries of traditional thinking, we aspire to lead the way in shaping the next generation of pharmacy professionals who are agile, adaptable, and equipped to address the evolving needs of society. Together, we envision a future where innovation is not just a concept, but a cornerstone of our identity, propelling us towards new frontiers of discovery and impact in the realm of pharmacy.” 

iic establishment