Code Of Conduct

Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy have a a Code of Conduct is crucial for promoting positive behavior, preventing conflicts, ensuring safety, and maintaining a healthy and ethical environment in various settings. It serves as a foundation for the values and principles that guide individuals and organizations.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Students should arrive to the college on time for the theory and practical classes. Participate in class discussions, practical exercises, and exams on a regular basis. In case of absentees inform to certain class teacher.
  • Dress code for boys and Girls is Peach colored shirt and Black colored pant with shirt tuck in. Students should wear white Apron during Laboratory hours.
  • The students need to arrive in the exam room at least fifteen minutes before the test starts.
  • To participate in all mentor-convened counseling sessions, where they should feel comfortable sharing their struggles in school, in their personal lives, or in their careers and looking for solutions.
  • Please be aware that it is strictly forbidden to carry a cell phone on campus.
  • To keep quiet in the library.
  • Class Representatives are required to participate in the meetings called by the principal and to notify their fellow students of the decisions made in the CRs meetings.
  • The chairperson of the relevant department, deans, student counselors, and faculty advisors may serve as members of this group, which will be led by advisers for student affairs.
  • Students should dress in the required attire and wear full shoes along with a neat Apron.
  • Students should keep an observation book with graph paper, note their own calculators, pencils, erasers, and other supplies for practical classes (as advised by the staff member).
  • Students must complete the experiment’s record work and submit it in the following class without fail after a staff member verifies the calculations. Without a record, students will not be allowed to enter the laboratory.
  • Bringing cell phones to a test is not permitted at all. Any academic dishonesty discovered in the examination rooms will result in a zero in every subject. For both internal and external exams, students must have their identity card; for semester exams, they must carry their hall ticket. For internal exams, students must have their identity card; for semester exams, they must have both their identity card and their hall pass.

Code of Conduct for Teaching& Non-Teaching Staff

“TEACHER” is a word that comes from the word “GURU,” which refers to someone who imparts experience, knowledge, and skills to others in order to create a more educated society. There are many reasons why the teaching profession is important, in addition to its luxurious career.Teachers in India are viewed as builders of the nation because they fill in for absent parents. Students’ development, skills, and creativity can only be facilitated by teachers.

  • Teachers are ought to be diligent and responsible, and if needed, they ought to assist the pupils after school without taking payment.
  • They shouldn’t stop any student from sharing his or her opinions, even if they don’t align with their own. Instead, encouragement should be given to the student. A teacher should, among other things, be open to receiving constructive criticism.
  • Students should be taught to view the world democratically and scientifically, becoming civic-minded, patriotic, and open-minded in the process.
  • One could agree that learning never ends. For the benefit of both the student body and themselves, educators must always stay current in their field and other relevant ones. They also need to familiarize themselves with other applications and current methodologies.
  • Planning for an updated educational system and creating new curricula and teaching methods ought to be essential components of his job responsibilities.
  • The instructor will be responsible for carrying out the institution’s educational duties, which include managing college seminars, admissions, and other tasks. Additionally, he ought to be taking part in the college’s extracurricular activities, such as sports, outreach initiatives, and cultural events. This will result in a well-rounded development and friendly relationships with the pupils.
  • Unless required by law or other legitimate authority, teachers are required to maintain the confidentiality of all information pertaining to exam-related matters, as well as matters involving coworkers and students.
  • Teachers ought to treat their colleagues with decency and cooperation, lending support and dividing up the workload in a team effort.
  • Teachers ought to treat non-teaching staff members with the same decency and consideration as they do their fellow educators. Joint meetings should be held by the Institution prior to any decisions being made about the College.
  • Instructors ought to refrain from reacting to needless political agendas since they undermine the integrity and orderly development of educational institutions. This is especially true given that the institution is situated in a dangerous border region.
  • For the college to run smoothly, teachers should continue to be regular and avoid taking unneeded leaves despite their long commutes.
  • When a faculty member must miss a class due to illness or another reason, they should attempt to find a substitute teacher and let the department head know so that students are notified in a timely manner.

Code of Conduct for Researcher

  • Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy highlights innovative and high-quality research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The Institution regularly conducts research and offers consulting services. This policy, which emphasizes and promotes research, was adopted by MRCP to guarantee an ethical research environment for both faculty and students.
  • Encouragement of research among faculty and students is one of MRCP’s goals.

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